• kali-linux-2021.2-installer-amd64.iso
  • Oracle VirtualBox 6.1.26
  • Virtual Box Guest Additions


  • Install Kali into Virtual box and configure the network to Bridge mode



  • use to get the IP adrress of a specific website
  • use to identify emails addresses associated with a domain
  • use github to other tools | example: git clone
  • use this link to get a list of top 25 OSINT open source intelligence tools:
  • use this tool to gather emails associated with a domain 100 links configurable (https://)


  • The Linux Filesystem Explained –
  • Top Things to do after Installing Kali Linux in 2021! –
  • The Linux command line for beginners –


  • MAC Address tels you who you are and the IP adress tells you where you are


  • use sudo to execute commands as root | sudo su | exit to return to user
  • print working directory – pwd
  • use ls to list al the contents of a directory ls -al
  • use touch to create a new file
  • use cat to read the contents of a file
  • use echo to insert text into a file: echo Today is a really good day > testfile
  • use nano as a text editor
  • use mkdir to create a Directoy/Folder
  • use mv to move files: move file folder
  • use cp -p to copy files
  • use rm -R to remove recursively inside directories rm * -r
  • use ifconfig to get the netwrok interfaces and the IP address assigned to the interfaces
  • use nslookup to identify the IP address of a specific website
  • use whois to identify the details about a domain name
  • use whatweb –aggression 3 -v –no-error –log-verbose=FILE to identify the technologies used on a website –
  • use clear to clear the terminal
  • use theHarvester -d -b google to get emails addresses associated with a website