4 – Kali Linux – Exploitation and Gaining Access

      path to metasplot framework: cd /usr/share/metasploit-framework/ 7 Modules metasploit framework contains: exploits (buffer overflow, code injection, web application) auxiliary (does not execute a payload as an explot module does, but istead it is used to perform different actions such as scanning, fuzzing or denial of service attack. Information gateringand, fingerprinting, scanning )

4 – Kali Linux – Exploitation and Gaining Access2021-08-19T19:15:42+02:00

3 – Kali Linux – Vulnerability Analysis

  Setup and Configuration: Download Nessus Essentials 8.15.1 from: https://www.tenable.com/downloads/nessus choose: Nessus-8.15.1-debian6_amd64.deb | Debian 9, 10 / Kali Linux 1, 2017.3, 2018, 2019, 2020 AMD64 to install, open terminal in the Download directory and type: sudo dpkg -i Nessus-8.15.1-debian6_amd64.deb after installation to start Nessus: sudo /bin/systemctl start nessusd.service to use Nessus, browser: https://kali:8834/ (Accept the

3 – Kali Linux – Vulnerability Analysis2021-08-19T18:54:40+02:00

2 – Kali Linux – Scanning

  Vulnerable Machines for your Lab: (msfadmin / msfadmin) Metasploitable UltimateLAMP Web Security Dojo OWASP Hackademics DVWA Damn Vulnerable Web Application Mutillidae De-ICE OWASP Web Goat Google Gruyere old Ubuntu versions Tools: Self developed portscanner.py tool   Commands: use sudo netdiscover to list all the active hosts in your network use netstat -nr to discover

2 – Kali Linux – Scanning2021-08-19T18:50:57+02:00

1 – Kali Linux – Information Gathering – Reconnaissance

Resources: kali-linux-2021.2-installer-amd64.iso Oracle VirtualBox 6.1.26 Virtual Box Guest Additions Steps: Install Kali into Virtual box and configure the network to Bridge mode   Tools: use https://ipinfo.info/ to get the IP adrress of a specific website use https://hunter.io/ to identify emails addresses associated with a domain use github to other tools | example: git clone https://github.com/Tuhinshubhra/RED_HAWK

1 – Kali Linux – Information Gathering – Reconnaissance2021-08-19T18:50:36+02:00

Exploit Samsung Note II N7100 Android KitKat 4.4.2

Android IP Address: host IP address: KALI IP Address: on Kali terminal1 to start apache2: #sudo service apache2 start If you want to enable any service permanently: To start: #systemctl enable apache2 | To stop: #system disable apache2 on Kali terminal1 ┌──(mrhacker㉿kali)-[/var/www/html] └─$ sudo service apache2 status ● apache2.service - The Apache

Exploit Samsung Note II N7100 Android KitKat 4.4.22021-08-19T15:40:59+02:00

BadUSB Rubber Ducky

Hardware Requirements: Raspberry Pi Pico board - official link - Amazon.de link Micro USB cable - official link - Amazon.de link Software Requirements: Adafruit CircuitPython 6.3.0.uf2 - official site - mirror Adafruit Circuitpython Bundle-6.x-mpy-2021.01.30 - official site - mirror dbisu pico-ducky code - official site - mirror hak5darren - USB-Rubber-Ducky - official site - mirror

BadUSB Rubber Ducky2021-08-22T14:02:57+02:00

access Linux Windows and SSH from browser

Requirements: Create an account on Linode - https://cloud.linode.com/linodes/create Create an account o CloudFlare - https://dash.cloudflare.com/ get a domain name from - https://www.freenom.com/en/index.html   How to: Change your nameservers to the ones indicated by CloudFlare On Linode interface choose Cloudron from the MarketPlace, choose Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (codename is 'Focal Fossa') as the Image to be

access Linux Windows and SSH from browser2021-09-29T19:10:34+02:00

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