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A Journey Through HTB – Hack The Box Series

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Unlocking Challenges: A Journey Through HTB – Hack The Box Series

Welcome to “Unlocking Challenges: A Journey Through HTB – Hack The Box Series” at Cyber Cogeanu. This series is a comprehensive walkthrough of the Hack The Box challenges, offering insights and strategies for each tier. Journey with us through these cybersecurity puzzles and enhance your hacking skills.

  1. HTB – Hack The Box – Tier 0 – Meow – Starting your HTB journey with the basics. – CyberCogeanu Flag
  2. HTB – Hack The Box – Tier 0 – Fawn – Delving deeper into initial security concepts. – CyberCogeanu Flag
  3. HTB – Hack The Box – Tier 0 – Dancing – Understanding the rhythm of cybersecurity challenges. – CyberCogeanu Flag
  4. HTB – Hack The Box – Tier 0 – Redeemer – Mastering initial defense strategies. – CyberCogeanu Flag
  5. HTB – Hack The Box – Tier 1 – Appointment – Advanced hacking techniques begin here. – CyberCogeanu Flag
  6. HTB – Hack The Box – Tier 1 – Sequel – Sequencing through complex security scenarios. – CyberCogeanu Flag
  7. HTB – Hack The Box – Tier 1 – Crocodile – Navigating through intricate digital waters. – CyberCogeanu Flag
  8. HTB – Hack The Box – Tier 1 – Responder – Responding to evolving cyber threats. – CyberCogeanu Flag
  9. HTB – Hack The Box – Tier 1 – Challenge 5 – Three – The fifth tier-one challenge, increasing in complexity. – CyberCogeanu Flag
  10. HTB – Tier 2 – Challenge 1 – Archetype – The archetype of advanced cybersecurity puzzles. – CyberCogeanu Flag
  11. HTB – Tier 2 – Challenge 2 – Oopsie – A challenge that tests your attention to detail. – CyberCogeanu Flag
  12. HTB – Hack The Box – Tier 2 – Challenge 3 – VaccineCyberCogeanu Flag
  13. HTB – Hack The Box – Tier 2 – Challenge 4 – UnifiedCyberCogeanu Flag
  14. HTB – Hack the Box – PhonebookCyberCogeanu Flag
  15. HTB – Hack the Box – RestaurantCyberCogeanu Flag
  16. HTB – Hack the Box – Bad grades – CyberCogeanu Flag
  17. HTB – Hack the Box – RegCyberCogeanu Flag

Stay tuned as we continue to update this series with more challenges and insights. Cyber Cogeanu is dedicated to providing you with the tools and knowledge to excel in the field of cybersecurity.

Cogeanu Marius
Cogeanu Marius
Marius Cogeanu is a distinguished IT consultant and cybersecurity virtuoso based in Prague, Czechia. With a rich 20-year journey in the IT realm, Marius has carved a niche in network security and technological solutions, adeptly harmonizing tech with business requirements. His experience spans from Kyndryl to IBM, and as a valued independent consultant, where he's renowned for his innovative approaches in enhancing business operations with cutting-edge tech.Marius's forte lies in demystifying complex IT concepts, ensuring clarity and alignment for stakeholders at all levels. His commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and seeking innovative solutions cements his status as a go-to expert in cybersecurity. Driven by a fervent passion for technology and its potential to revolutionize businesses, Marius thrives on tackling challenging ventures, applying his prowess in network design, IT service management, and strategic planning.Currently, Marius is focused on leading-edge IT project management, infrastructure design, and fortifying cybersecurity, guiding clients through the intricate digital landscape with unmatched expertise and insight.Discover more on


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